Wooden storage chest cut from seasoned redwood to make a traditional Victorian storage chest. These hand crafted wooden boxes make beautiful storage chest's.  

Selected redwood boards are cut to storage chest size. Wooden boxes joints are cut by hand. The panels are test fitted to form the wooden chest. The wooden chest panels are clamped for 24 hours and set with resin. This forms a traditional wooden boxes joint stronger than the typical mass produced wooden chest.
Every wooden chest uses solid redwood throughout. A solid wooden chest base panel and storage chest lid are sized. The wooden chest is clamped for another 24 hours. This bonds the storage chest lid and solid wooden boxes base onto the carcass.

Using hand cut joinery with resin makes wooden boxes that are beautiful and tough.The wooden boxes are distressed on all sides. This helps the wax to penetrate the wooden chest and create a variated aged storage chest finish.

The wooden boxes are fitted with the traditional cast iron hinges found on the Victorian storage chest. Distressed storage chest drop handles are fitted to each end of the wooden boxes. Inside the wooden boxes there is ample room for storage.

These wooden boxes are strong enough to sit on and customers often use wooden boxes as an occasional seat. With a little care these wooden boxes will be your storage chest for a lifetime. Wooden boxes can be made bespoke to you exact specifications or to fit a particular room in your house. Each storage chest takes two weeks to make.

The storage chest finish is achieved by distressing the wooden boxes and finishing with rich wax. Storage chest wood is a natural product. Your wooden chest will continue to distress over time. This adds to the wooden chest finish. Wooden storage chests have knots and burrs that makes your box individual. Your wooden chest is the only one of its kind. 

Each wooden storage chest is treated as a new commission. Our wooden boxes are made with seasoned redwood pine and hand cut each joint. Wooden boxes are clamped into position and the glue is allowed to cure overnight to form a joint that is stronger than the actual wood.

The entire wooden storage chest is sanded repeatedly with different grades of paper to create a worn loved look. Hard wooden boxes edges are softened and a fine wax is applied to protect the wood.

Finally the wooden storage chest is polished and iron swing handles and hinges are added.

​We will make yours with Time proven workmanship

Victorians made beautiful, practical wooden boxes.

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Wooden storage Chest